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We have crazy strong standard Aimbot with our newly introduced and market leading Bullet Prediction you can eliminate enemies up to 500m. We also have very OP pSilent Aimbot which allows you to hit your enemies without even aiming at them!


We have many ESP options including: Box 2D, Box 3D, Skeleton, Chams, etc. Working for other Players, AI and Vehicles. Radar and Compass option are also available.


Including: Anti Recoil, Unlock all, FOV Slider, Forcesave, Loadout Camo editor, no Fog, no Flash, etc.


Check in our Discord we announce after every update when the tools are updated.

Yes, we operate under different names since 2020. We got over 1k customers since 2020 and in addition to the feedback on this site we have more feedback in the Discord.

Our Cheats are Safe to Use! We Block the Games anticheat which means you can only get banned if you get reported.

Our Tools are usually up in 1 - 48h after Game Update. If there is Downtime it will all ways get compensated. We frequently updated our tools with fixes, quality of Life updates and new Features.


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